Growth: Designing Your Life

Designing Your Life is an introduction to how design thinking can help create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. With this hands-on, collaborative mini-workshop and lecture, you'll get a sampling of this popular Stanford course, led by Bill Burnett, the New York Times Best-Selling professor/co-author of Designing Your Life. If you want to kick-start a more creative, productive approach to your life, this workshop is for you.

Led by Bill Burnett



Bill Burnett

Bill Burnett is the Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford. He directs the undergraduate and graduate program in design at Stanford, both interdepartmental programs between the Mechanical Engineering department and the Art department. He got his BS and MS in Product Design at Stanford and has worked professionally on a wide variety of projects ranging from award-winning Apple PowerBooks to the original Hasbro Star Wars action figures. WEBSITE