BIG IDEAS: Mindfulness and the Creative Process

As a self-described hippy (former modern dancer and current meditator and yogi), imagine Hope’s surprise when she suddenly becomes a denizen of the corridors of power — yes, with permission — and for six years, the President is her and her video camera’s beat. Even more shockingly, she found one of her most effective instructors on mindfulness waiting there for her in the Oval Office. Hope tells the story of how her quest to reverse engineer from the precipice of burnout to a daily state of inner vitality and creative clarity was guided by the one and only 44, President Barack Hussein Obama. 

Led by: Hope Hall


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Hope Hall

Hope Hall is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She was President Obama's Principal Videographer in the Office of Digital Strategy and is a freelance documentary cinematographer for independent documentary features, music videos, and television. WEBSITE