Wellness: Unleash your Inner Mars: Sound Meditation


Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. Fiercely independent, primal, and explosive, it is the flash of the match.  Unruly and determined, raw and creative, get in touch with your inner Mars through a special planetary soundscape and see what sparks.  No yoga is practiced, simply lay down and be completely immersed by powerful live sounds with meditative instruments specific to the energy of Mars. 

Led by Melissa Felsenstein



Melissa Felsenstein

A self-proclaimed “reformed” relaxer, Melissa Felsenstein focuses her work on restoring the nervous system through the use of live sound with quartz crystal, singing bowls, and specifically tuned gongs. Melissa is a certified 700 hr yoga therapist and has been using sound as therapy for over ten years. Her mission is to offer others a receiving space for inward listening, deeper truths, and sustained harmony. WEBSITE