Sparks: Monsters and Shadows - The Erotic Power Source

Are you a well-behaved woman? A civilized man? Have you been a good-girl or the decent guy all your life? Feel like something's not whole about you?  Like there’s something monstrous lurking in the corner of your consciousness? How often have you ignored it? Have you felt darkness welling up from somewhere deep?  Have you denied yourself uncivilized thoughts and chosen the sensible way? What would happen if you faced your monster directly? That within us which craves to devour or be devoured has profound powers beyond the surface of comprehension. This can fuel our erotic selves and empower our daily lives.  Become a fountain of creative energy and source of authenticity. Join Midori in this challenging conversation and workshop as she shares stories and strategies. Be brave, take the challenge and try the exercises – it won’t always be comfortable but it’ll be worth it.

Led by Midori




Midori is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality. Dubbed “the super nova of kink” by Dan Savage, she emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, soon becoming a much sought after international presenter on sexuality, personal fulfillment and kinky adventures. WEBSITE