Connection: The Sidewalk Talk Listening Project

Sidewalk Talk is a listening non-profit that has been teaching and practicing deep listening in public spaces and inside organizations since 2015. 3200 volunteers in 52 cities and 12 countries practice heart-centered listening on city sidewalks to bridge social divisions, combat loneliness, elevate mental health, and change assumptions we make about people. We will host listening stations at SPARKED for all speakers and attendees to deepen more fully into themselves, to tune in to what is being stirred by the presenters, and to stretch into new listening skills to bond with the SPARKED community.  We come alive in connection. We are well in connection. 

Led by: Traci Ruble


Traci Ruble headshot.jpg

Traci Ruble

Traci has a masters in counseling psychology and an undergraduate degree in political science.  Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, she came up in the corporate world in publishing and high tech. Traci believes prizing human connection over identity politics is the most revolutionary form of protest you can take up and the best thing you can do for overall health. She is a self-described “bottom dweller” meaning she likes the messy aspects of being human.  More recently Traci has started doing more public speaking around the world. When Traci is not working she is goofing off with her husband, two young sons, running in the trees or being in, on or near the ocean. WEBSITE