Sparks: Uncovering the Artistic Mind

Dance, Music, Painting, Architecture, Agriculture, are the same work. They are tools for humanity to express their art.  At its basic level art is the knowledge of how things are done. At its highest level, the purpose of art is to awaken memory and break down the delusion that we are weak whining mortals, and remind us that we are gods. The principle expression of life is movement.  Dances are thought structures to be directly experienced and/or contemplated. Creation is about discovery, and discovery indicates something was found and, if found, that it already existed. What already exists within us is our perfection. Join renowned choreographer Alonzo King as he leads this discussion and movement workshop.

Led by Alonzo King



Alonzo King

Alonzo King has been called “a visionary choreographer, who is altering the way we look and think about movement. King calls his works ‘thought structures’. created by the manipulation of energies that exist in matter through laws, which govern the shapes and movement directions of everything that exists. Named as a choreographer with ”astonishing originality” by the New York Times, Alonzo King LINES Ballet has been guided by his unique artistic vision since 1982. WEBSITE