VVVR (Visual Voice Virtual Reality) is a voice-controlled tool for self-exploration and well-being.  It combines virtual reality and audio effects to temporarily free the mind from language and cultivate awareness of the present moment. In VVVR two people sit across from one another and are represented in the virtual space with corresponding avatars. When either person makes sound it is translated into glowing geometry that flows from their mouth. The vocal audio is harmonically processed and fed back through the headphones. Its texture and volume determine the look and behavior of the flowing objects. The experience is immersive, entrancing and uniquely playful.

By Dreamboat Studio Presented by Gray Area Art & Technology



Dreamboat Studio

Our approach marries experience design with creative explorations of new technology. The work we produce is truly unique. But as much as we value the things we build, the physical manifestation of our work is only a jumping-off point. The experiences we create are visually rich, participatory and immersive on their own--but the goal is social reach. Today, culture is defined by ideas, and how those ideas are received once they meet the world. Our experiences are designed for sharing. WEBSITE



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Gray Area operates the Grand Theater in the Mission District to support Cultural Events Year-Round. As a Non-Profit Organization our mission is to apply art and technology to create positive social impact through education, incubation, and public events. WEBSITE